Poetry & Prose

of Graham Fox

My writing is an exploration of Zen in poetry and prose.

ZEN Prose

by Graham Fox

Back To The Mountain

by Graham Fox

ZEN Poetry

Laughing and Crying

Crying and laughing

On cherry-blossom

Wetted pavements I let go.

The displacement of

A water-boat-man

Hardly bends

Light still lighter

The Zen mind.

Building the imaginable”

On the unimaginable

That is what you
You and I do
Well my friend
Empty your pockets
And open the door
Meet the unimaginable
Chrysanthemum frog.

When jasmine
The scent
Of jasmine.

I breathe
The stone
Beside me


Yes!  Also, omit the ‘and’? I nearly did but I didn’t because it provides the link, it implies kinship; the rock’s breathing is not separated from my breathing. Moreover on a larger scale the subject is not billions of entities breathing on one planet but ‘one breathing’ everywhere, not billions of Buddha natures on Earth but one Buddha nature throughout. The poem describes one event.

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